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Testimonials - Livre d'or

Last updated: Sept 9 2010
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Dear Discovery Indochina Team,

The whole tour was impressive ! Above all, Mr Mai Anh Tuan’s great communication english capacity, as well as his Vietnam knowledge patience and disposition brought a very pleasant experience . Mr Tuan was always receptive  and willing to to help. We would be happy to recommend him and  the tour company to all of our friends and family in Mexico. Thank you very very much. We love your culture, food, service and friendliness .




We enjoyed the fact that Long’s goal was to make sure we saw everything that was important to us. He made some last minute changes to meet our expectations. Making our trip a success.
Loi –Also was very good. He took the time to see us at dinner on Sunday and asked if our  trip was going well . (Nice attention to detail). We appreciated the clean –well kept cars. The drivers and our tour guide were dressed nice and had very good manner  which we noticed and was appreciated.

James kKwasnowski


Long was friendly and helpful during our trip and helped us learn about and appreciate this amazing area. The Boat was exceptionally comfortable and the crew was friendly. Food, though It was delicious and was too much –we managed to eat it all ! Thanks to all who help plan our trip !!


Excellent guide –Quan top class. Very good interpersonal skills, sensitive, intellegent, answered most of our questions.  Food very good. When cooked by Quan and at other times .The trek was just right and the hill tribes very  interesting - staying in peoples own houses.

Hilary Biddle

Quan is a very pleasant and well informed guide. He seems to have a good rapport with the ethnic minority people, which was most helpful to us. Our dinner was also very skillful

John Anita


Loc was a excellent guide. He asked us what we wanted to do -gave us choices and took great care of us .He was considerate and got us across all the streets without anyone getting hurt.
Elise Andrews



Our guide consistently performed in a conscientious , reliable, thoughtful, and helping fashion

.He was sensitive to our demands and anticipated our needs in answering questions  in a well- informed calm and appropriate fashion .
Fredenzk Hayden 

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